Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hottest Day

Blimey, phew and all that. It's been mighty warm today. Now I'm not one who does so well in the raging heat, so it's a bit of a trial. I did go out in it for an hour or so this morning, but I soon came scuttling back to dark and cool house. I swear I can feel my skin sizzling after 2 minutes under the sun.

Not much in the way of work has been accomplished today. I'm tired and lazy and it's Saturday. In my defense I was rudely awoken at 5.15am by the neighbours having a very loud and angry conversation in the back yard. That was me then as far as sleep went, though I did try. I am therefore a little less useful than usual right now, not that anyone would notice really. Also, we've had a ginormous dinner of chilli chicken stir fry and we're struggling to bend in the middle now. I predict a slothful evening ahead.

OK blog, you're interrupting my couch time, so I hope you don't mind if I make my excuses and disappear.

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