Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Not what I'd planned for today at all

I saw my hub off to work at 7.15 this morning and decided to get on and do some serious housework before setting up my projects for this week. I'd only been motoring for about half an hour when I got a call from him. He cycles 10 miles each way, so he's under strict instructions to call me as soon as he arrives at work each day so I know he's safe. Unfortunately this was the morning he wasn't doing so well.

He'd been on a cycle path (thank goodness) when another cyclist rounded a bend and was about to hit him head on. Both of them swerved and hub was knocked off his bike. He was travelling downhill, so going at a fair speed. He was stopped by a wall. The other cyclist didn't even stop to see if he was OK!

This was the point where he called me and said he was going to walk the rest of the way because his bike was broken. I didn't know that it was another mile and a half and that he was carrying his bike on his back because of broken finger bones!

He got to work and was immediately sent off to hospital where the poor thing had to go through the ordeal of having his wounds scrubbed to remove all the gravel. They gave him gas and air which wasn't doing the job at all and finally administered a local to the worst areas before continuing.

I didn't know any of this until afterwards because he'd played it all down so as not to worry me. I felt terrible for not being there with him.

He went back to work just after lunch when they'd finished with him, but he was so poorly and still bleeding so they sent him home. One of the girls brought him back and he's been on the couch feeling worse and worse all afternoon. He's dosed up with painkillers and somewhat woozy, but not in as much pain now. He's VERY unhappy that it's his right hand all strapped up. He's in the middle of painting his entry for the Golden Demon competition - I don't think he'll be holding a paintbrush for a while. They say 6 weeks or so until it all heals. I know how cross I'd be if I was out of action for that long!

I am now playing nursie, not that I'm any good at it. I'm terrified to go near him in case I hurt one of his ouchies!


  1. Give him a big hug hope he gets well soon, and I have no idea what a Golden demon is but hope he finishes ok for the competition x

  2. Aww your poor husband, the shock of what has happened is sometimes as bad as the injuries.It must have been a horrible shock for you too. I hope he is feeling much better soon!


  3. Thank you ladies :-)

    I've talked him into staying off work tomorrow, though it's not been easy. I'm sure he'll be feeling much better in a few days.

  4. Oh no, how awful.
    Hope he heals quickly.



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