Sunday, 1 May 2011

All the things I've done wrong today

I was up bright and early this morning feeling much better than yesterday. By 8am I was hoovering and most proud of my tidying efforts. I even cleaned my desk, and that's a mammoth task indeed.

Some crochet was waiting to be finished off, so after being industrious in the house I set to with that. This is where it all started going horribly wrong. I had a big idea of applying crocheted flowers to a felt cushion cover, which entailed some machine stitching of stalks (they went OK) and assembling. The notion of combining felt and yarn seemed rather pleasing. From then on I've been nothing but crabby and vexed. The felt was stretching all ways and the sewing machine flat out refused to co operate in making the cushion cover. Much unpicking and cursing (the two go together I find) later and I've given up. I might just make a cotton cover and attach the felt panel to it, but I've fallen out of love and into loathing of the bloody thing now. I could hand sew it, but it's too hateful to deserve the time that would take. I'm consigning it to the "might look at it again in 6 months" box with all the other evil quasi creation fails. I might unpick the flowers off it first though, just to teach it a lesson.

Really I should know when not to be working. I should have put my feet up today and chilled out. I've been pottering with stuff for a week now failed to produced anything of note, which is utter rubbish of me. I'm taking the hint and putting all my kit away for the next 24 hours. After that I'm either going to do some more books or spend some time painting. I've unearthed some frames that I got ages ago with the intention of doing some special watercolours, so I reckon I should brainwash myself into that next.

Oh, and another thing - with all this bank holiday carry on I've completely forgotten to tax my car. This means it's now run out and I shall have to dash to town first thing on Tuesday to do it. It also ruins any plans for going for a drive tomorrow.

Dinner was nice, so the day's not a complete washout. We had steak with onion rings and peppercorn sauce (my pepper addiction follows a close second to my chilli addiction).

Given my general misery and fecklessness, it was rather timely that Lemur Lady had made this bag and listed it for sale. I certainly don't deserve it as a reward for being wonderful and creative, or even for being a pleasure to live with, but it'll go a long way toward cheering me up. My poor husband almost jumped with joy at the prospect of seeing me smile and he insisted I buy it. Now I can look forward to it arriving and add it to my other two new bags. For the first time in my life I have a choice of handbags when I go out, I can even match them to my outfits (on the odd occasion I wear an actual colour that is). I feel all grown up and sophisticated now, at least I would if I wasn't such an ill tempered fiend.


  1. Can you change the size of the stitch on your machine? I find using bigger stitches helps when sewing felt and also I use the slow speed.
    Don't know if any use to you.

  2. Yeah I tried the bigger stitching. It was OK most of the time, but every 10cm or so it did a massive few stitches, which of course meant unpicking and starting again. It was stitching that would have been exposed, so it had to be perfect. I guess a better sewing machine would have done it, an industrial one for example, but I just have a domestic bog standard one.

    I should arrange to post my trickier projects to some of the awesome Folksy makers and get them to do it for me :-)


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