Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lazy Day and Noodles

Ohhh what joy. We decided on the spur of the mooment at about 4pm to go to Liverpool for a quick dash. Hub did his geek thing and I went to the art shop, the Body shop and we topped it all off with my all time ever EVER favourite noodle takeaway for dinner. This is why I love Saturdays so much.

I got some pure new wool from the art shop for some felting things. I have it in my mid to make a handbag or a purse or something. I also got some of those mini easels for photographing my miniature paintings on. There was heaps of stuff I wanted, but I was a good girl.

I have now just had a glorious bubble bath (orange flavoured) and shall soon be settling down for a lazy evening.

Short update today because I don't want to interrupt my idling around too much. I'm sure you understand.

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  1. LOL, very jealous of your superb day off.

    Sounds like you are not so far from me either, my nearest City is Liverpool. Had such a pants day here I think I will take a leaf out of your book and go for the bubble bath too.
    Enjoy your evening.

    Lynda x


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