Monday, 9 May 2011

Special K Red Berries Disappointment

It's a sorry state of affairs when you can be in a huff for the whole day because there aren't enough berries in your cereal. There aren't many pleasures in the mornings, especially one like today when I actually caught myself leaning on top of my coffee cup falling asleep. Berry deficit just makes it worse.

I don't like cereal and especially not for breakfast, but I make myself eat it because it's good for me. Granted, I've been up for four hours now and it's only just food time (I absolutely could not eat cold cereal as soon as I get up), but that means I've had time to look forward to the berries. Lord knows that a bowl of seed dust and skimmed milk needs a bit of tarting up. I do wonder if someone else in the house (I'm looking at you, teenage daughter) has been seeking out the good bits on purpose.

I'm doing something new and interesting today. If it works out I'll be back with photos later. I am also getting very strong neck muscles from constantly swivelling round to keep an eye on the weather conditions. There's washing on the line and it's lovely and breezy, but clouds loom in the distance. My rage knows no bounds when my laundry gets rained on. I am the Godzilla of domestic goddessity and I'll stomp this town flat.

Before I go, I must mention my pride in relation to my beloved's cycling. Now we're not sporty people here, we're geeks. Pale, indoorsy, movie watching, book reading geeks. For many reasons my darling husband made the decision to cycle to work this year. It got off to a poor start because of all the snow in January, though bless his little cycle shorts he made the effort. He has finally broken through the pain and inconvenience barrier and is steadfastly taking himself 10 miles each way every day. That's 100 miles a week under his own power, kitted out with a bag of food, work clothes and tools for the frequent repair of falling-off-pedals. Incredible. He now has thighs of steel and is pleased with them, as am I. He's utterly drop dead gorgeous anyway, but with extra thigh about him I do approve.

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