Saturday, 14 May 2011

Party Time

No work has been done today. We had to pack up a gazillion Ebays and my three sales from yesterday and get to the post office before trundling over to Runcorn for Jay's auntie's 70th birthday surprise party at lunchtime. Bless her, she was so shy when she walked in - she actually walked back out again and had to be ushered to the party to meet everyone. I'd be the same, I'd probably leg it and jump on a bus home!

Been having some very interesting chats on Folksy about artist status and work. They're so supportive, helping me a lot with my inner wrangles.

This lot are watching Dr Who just now and I'm having a damn good chill out, at least I would be if there wasn't a big, fat, hairy legged fly buzzing round me being annoying. It's days are numbered, I tell ya. It's that big I could probably catch it and hook it up to a dynamo to run the lights.

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