Sunday, 8 May 2011

Move Over, Nigella

I've been most industrious today planning for the week ahead. In an effort to save money and be healthy I went shopping last night and bought heaps of lovely fresh ingredients for meals. I started cooking this morning and made huge amounts of:

1. Root vegetable soup (orange soup)
2. Cauliflower and broccoli soup (green soup)
3. Scouse
4. Spinach and coconut soup (also green, but called sister soup because she gave me the recipe)
5. Chilli

All are now frozen in portions ready for grabbing whenever we need them and should last the month. I feel like I've chopped a million onions and washed the whole world's dishes, but I still managed a little cuddle and nap with my beloved around lunchtime. I've also done some laundry. This evening I am feeling extremely proud and virtuous. I didn't get round to doing onion soup, but there's not much room left to store it, so I'll make it fresh when we fancy it.

We have a film to watch in bed and some of that nice microwave popcorn, so there's a well earned chillout on its way.

I want to factor some exercise into my upcoming week. I've become a bit of a hermit and got used to being at my desk all the time, which is kind of necessary, but no individual ought to be totally still apart from the occasional yomp to the kettle. I'm notoriously useless at making my idle self exercise, so it'll take some serious and stern talking to myself to ensure it happens. I can't make any promises.

It irks me that I'd have lost twice the amount of weight this year than I have, if I'd only paid attention to my own nagging. I wish I could think of some moving around type motion that I'd actually enjoy. I used to quite like going to the gym but I can't afford a membership just now. Swimming's out for the same reason, but also that I despise the stink of chlorine. Walking is boring, at least round here. Running is, well, totally out of the question (if you could only hear me laughing at myself for the very mention of it!). I guess I could lumber up and down the stairs. Tsk. Sometimes I really annoy myself!

Tomorrow, among other things, I am going to crochet myself a wiggly snake. No reason for this apart from I want to and I think I can manage it. It'll make a change from flowers.


  1. Ah yes, exercise= ughhhh!
    Good luck with the wiggly snake :)

  2. I'm also trying to lose weight (a stone), willpower is lacking, but I do have a wii fit and it does talk to me in a disapproving way if I haven't achieved my goal!
    Spinach & coconut soup sounds interesting, are you able to put the recipe on your blog sometime?
    ~Jane :o)


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