Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Lovely Saturday

Lovely trip to Liverpool this morning with hub and youngest daughter. There were a few craft stalls on a little market type thing in Bold Street and I had a chat with the owners for a bit. Folksy was mentioned, as always!

We did a few shopping things and I've volunteered to make a large latex "skin" banner for the Games Workshop's trip to Games Day in Spetember. I spent a little time taking measurements and going over what they'd like. It will be a very fun project for me and something to take me back a few years, as well as making the lads very happy. They're over the moon at the prospect of a custom made prop to show off, bless 'em.

We walked miles and wore ourselves clean out, so we had a delicious lunch and regrouped ourselves at Wok & Go, our favourite noodle bar. Finally there was the compulsory trip to the art shop where I got an extra special treat of a new professional style portfolio. Despite my many hundreds of years painting and drawing I have never had a proper portfolio, I've always made my own or had battered second hand ones. It's never bothered me at all, but a recent development (which I don't want to talk about yet and jinx the whole thing) means I need to be polished and official looking in my presentation. I must say it's rather swish and looks the business with my paintings in.

I don't have a lot of energy left now after all that, plus I suspect it's my *ahem* most hormonal/weird day of the month today, so I'm not pushing myself too much. I've been sitting on the couch doing some knitting and watching a movie. I can't just do nothing, so I appeased myself by continuing the handbag (which is actually going to be a shoulder bag I think).

The jury's out on how long I'm going to be awake this evening. It feels like midnight to me right now, despite my clock saying 6pm (surely it lies?). I'm going to try and stay awake, but no promises. Perhaps draw the hours out with a bath and a read of something wonderful?

I could do with going over my Sizzix machine and dies, which I've asked if anyone on Folksy is interested in. A few have replied via PM and said they might want it, but I am unable to organise myself right now. I need to take some photos of the whole kit so people can see what exactly is on offer, and decide on a price for it. All way beyond my skills while I'm tired.

If anyone reading this feels kind enough to help me out a bit, it's a Sizzix Big Shot, about 2 months old. It comes with cutting plates and dies, including cupcakes (decoupage style), 3 sizes of flowers, 4 of circles, a large butterfly (3 or 4 layers to it) and 3 or 4 embossing folders of birds, flowers and leaves, etc. I might be forgetting a die or two, but they'll all be included anyway. How much do you think I should charge?

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