Sunday, 22 May 2011

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Today has supplied the antidote for yesterday's laziness.

The car boot sale bore fruit in the shape of some really old pocket dictionairies, just the thing for drawing on. Three for a quid. It's a shame to butcher them really; they're so battered and elderly looking already, full of charm. Maybe I won't. Who knows?

Shopped for food, came home, made breakfast, put a casserole in the oven, made book covers and set them aside under weights to dry, painted pictures, served dinner, painted some more, knitted, and hey presto, here we are blogging.

Tiredness is overcoming me now. My poor eyes are throbbing from all the close up work and my left hand is seized up form knitting. I've decided that crochet is marginally more pleasant to do. I'm making that bag I threatened yesterday and shall be felting it when it's finished. As a nod to crochet I think I'll do some flowers to decorate it with when it's done. Mainly though I'm hoping not to run out of wool before the end. Yes, I really am that disorganised.

As soon as tomorrow's books are done I promise myself that I'm going to do some damn heavy housework. This place is more of an outrage than usual and I'm adding to it as I go along. Cor, it's gonna be a busy week.

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