Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What day is it?

Here begins the week of confusion. I can't be the only person who always ends up a day behind when there's been a bank holiday. In fact, I'm suffering from bank holiday buildup after the two successive ones. There's zero chance of my wheelie bin being put on on the correct night, or of me catching the few TV shows I watch regularly. In my head right now it's Monday, even though the date is displayed all over the place. I may resort to writing the day on my hand as a reminder. I should also probably add "Duhhhhh" to it, as that's the noise my internal voice makes every time I pull myself up.

I've just set up a new Twitter account and added a link on here. I've been tweeting for a goodly time on my personal one, so now I need to do both. My brain is stretching like an ancient rubber band. Don't blame me if it goes PING and takes you all out. I must network and promote if I am ever to sell anything or be noticed by some amazing celeb who will insist on putting me up in the attic of their London penthouse to work exclusively for them and be the darling of the art world. Are you listening, Stephen Fry?

Maybe my ambitions are a tad unrealistic, but then I've always been unreasonable, just ask my husband.

Apologies, I'm feeling giddy at the prospect of going outdoors today. I'm off to pluck my eyebrows lest I scare the northwest with their growling unruliness. In about 15 minutes I shall be a goddess.

A little bunch of elements I made for some pattern designs

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