Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Crooked Neck and Cookies

I was banished from my desk today so my youngest could use my computer. How strange to be back at the dining table with my paints like the old days before desk moved in. I'd completely forgotten how uncomfortable it is in there, probably something to do with the height of the table and chair.Or maybe it's from being in close proximity to dishes that need washing but which I was studiously ignoring. Guilt based aches?

So I was hunched over for several hours working on my latest painting. It's derived form one of the miniatures I did a few weeks ago, though I changed the colours. I decided to go for peacock feather hues, though in a different arrangement. Sounds funny, I know, so I'll just put the pictures here and be done with the descriptions.

It was really tricky to get a decent photo for some reason, so I took a few close ups of the detail, which I think are quite nice.

I don't know if karma has anything to do with sales, but I gave in to huge temptation and bought a zombie notebook from Fiona T this morning. I've wanted one for as long as I've been hanging round on Folksy and I worked out that I could just about manage to pay her for her labours. This evening I've had three sales of my own stuff. Maybe I ought to be treating myself more frequently? I know Fiona would agree with that sentiment.

Finally, I must tell anyone who reads this about my latest find in Asda. Now I'm not usually a great fan of cookies or biscuits, but I found these ones by Chesapeake/Pepperidge Farm tonight. I got the dark chocolate and pecan ones, and so far I've scoffed 4 of them, despite each of them being about the size of my head. They're pretty damn awesome. They also come in a paper bag type affair like cookies in the US. I feel most multicultural, as well as piggy. Still, one can't be expected to live on dust and twigs all the time.

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  1. I really love these photographs of your work. They are great

    Stephie :-)


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