Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Painting Day

I've not long finished work for the day, and what a fruitful one it's been. I popped to town quickly this morning and set up painting when I got back. I probably shouldn't say how much painting I can get done in a day lest it devalue my work, but once I'n in the zone I motor along. It's good to see results happening and I must say it gives me a boost to produce a lot of stuff in a day. It's a poty that the craft things don't speed along quite as much!

Also, more whooping with joy because I sold two more this morning. I didn't think I could be more pleased than I was yesterday when I got my first sale, but I was wrong. What a lovely email to wake up to! All this walking to the post office is good for me too, so it's a win win.

So here are todays ACEOs. I've finally got round to using my poppy photos as I've been threatening to do for a while. They are all listed in my art shop (click here).

I also managed to do a full size watercolour, again influenced by the poppies.

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