Monday, 23 May 2011

Working in stormy conditions

It's stormier than I've seen for years! The rain and wind are going crazy out there and youngest daughter was outraged at lunchtime that our Sky service went down. It has to be pretty extreme for that to happen.

I'm about to brave it and go to the post office to send another book on its way. I was up bright and early working on it again today and it's finally finished. I did manage to cut out all 80 pages the wrong size of course, and had to redo them. I'll save the mistake ones and make a book that size this week. Never waste things!

A new Folksy listing today, a painting I did yesterday in between waiting for things to dry. It definitely works having several projects on the go at once when so many of them have drying time to be factored in. It's like a huge logistics plan of how not to allow Jools away from her desk for ungodly stretches at a time, but it gets the job(s) done.

I'm feeling a bit pressured about getting lots of work done this week. My last splurge on multiple books where I made 5 or 6 over a number of days worked well, so I may call on that system again starting this afternoon. It's really intensive and it causes my hands to rebel, but I've been and got a roller thingy for burnishing the book cloths down, so that should save me some aches and pains. I've also got hold of some more leather, a shinier finish this time, so it'll have a completely different look. Again, it will be very limited runs, but I like that. The last thing I want is to be making lots of the same thing. At the very least I'll be introducing new trims and finishes and sewing with different coloured threads.

And speaking of different coloured things, the wool I'm using for this felting project is another variegated one. It changes colour every 4 inches or so and it mesmerises me as I'm working with it. I get a little (terribly pathetic, I know) thrill of joy every time it matches up with the row below. I often wonder if my brain was wired up by some dodgy apprentice in a rush to get home for his tea. I can also clearly imagine my husband nodding in agreement with that last sentence.

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