Sunday, 15 May 2011

Things that go bump in the night

Sunday has mostly been about tiredness. Our neighbours from hell had another one of their loud nights; rolling in from the pub at 1am with a host of ne'er do wells in tow, singing, yelling, making loud phonecalls in the back yard, etc. They do this a lot and the volume wakes the whole street up, but I of course have the particular pleasure of living right next door, where every noise might as well be in my bedroom for all the sleep we get throughout. The only solace is to lie there awake thinking up new and interesting ideas of daytime noise to get back at them, which then degenerates into fantasies of bulldozing their house while they're sleeping it off at 3pm.

We went back to bed for a nap at lunchtime, thus eating into our day and throwing our body clocks right off. Little of much use has been done apart from a bit of laundry and some food. I've been here at my desk doing a touch of painting, but there's no light now and I'm like Blind Pugh going crosseyed over bits of paper. Time to throw in the towel methinks. I've resolved to buy some £ shop reading glasses to see if that'll help. My son asked me if I shall go for ugly black or ugly leopard print, as they appear to be the two options on sale. It'll be the black.

There's much buzz on the old interwebs about this weeks craft class. The option to have a go at some watercolouring has fired people up, which is brilliant. I'm already gathering things to take along, as it's a long list in order to account for all abilities. Some people will want to stamp and collage rather than just painting, and some will sew. I'm also taking the good old failsafe shrink plastic, as it will work well on the small cards we're doing. Beads, buttons, threads and glues too. Then there's the cake baking and decorating for refreshments. It looks to be a goodie. I'm ever so pleased about it after the rough few weeks I've had on and off. It's very rewarding to have the evening with folks who want to learn new things and make their own creations.

Tomorrow I shall paint more and perhaps do a little crochet if I have time. I'll probably do some more listings for Folksy too and see how that goes. I'm unbelievably tired now, despite the extra sleep I've had, so it's off to beddybies for me very soon.

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