Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Happy Tuesday

Utter joy of joys and splendor, I sold one of my ACEOs today. In monetary terms it's very little, but I feel on top of the world about it. My shop had only been open for a few hours when I got a notification of the sale. I was on a packed bus full of weirdos at the time and my little squeak of joy brought their bugged eyes to staring at me for the rest of the journey. I really didn't care though, I was so beside myself with the happies.

I'm still not happy with my photographs of them, they're way better in the flesh than in anything I've managed to capture thus far, but this is the one that's now fighting its way through the Royal Mail system to a new home (I really hope Aunty Joan likes it):

I said I was going to paint didn't I? I've certainly had a kick up the jacksy now. I tried to continue this afternoon when I got back from lunch, but I had the most raging headache and try as I might, I couldn't focus on the page. This is a very recent develoment, as I've mentioned already, so if it doesn't clear up this week I'll be trotting off for an eye test. I have a clear day tomorrow to get cracking on it, so I can assess if it's the old peepers or just tiredness and/or headache symptoms. I can't afford new glasses, so let's hope it's a minor and temporary complaint!

On a lighter note, I did manage to mostly keep out of the rain today. It's been a bit grim out there and there was the occasional dash for cover but nothing that spoiled my specially coiffured hair. Well I say special, but all I did was blowdry it like I used to do every day before I became a full time loony artist type. It'll be back to normal nestishness tomorrow.

I'm off to Ikea asap to get a few frames for the old photographing. I am definitely going to do some more full size paintings this week and I think they;re best shown off in a frame, though I won't be selling them like that due to my deep lack of faith that they'd ever arrive with the glass intact. I have a good amount ready to be done and I'll add to them this week. I'm still really excited about it.

This new life of mine is a whole mass of ups and downs. Last week I was in misery and right now I'm back up again. If anyone was studying me they'd have me locked up by now.

My other pressing job is to sort out the next craft class. I've been reluctant because of my indecision regarding a project for this month, but now I'm considering doing an ACEO class where they can use all sorts of different media to make one of their own. There's been interest in stamping and embossing, as well as carving stamps to use, which would be great for small scale work. I do also like to make each class fit with whatever work I'm doing at the time, so it would be appropriate. Maybe next time I could then have them make a small album to keep them in. I shall remind myself to ring and book the room tomorrow. Always a pleasure speaking to the community centre people (that was sarcasm by the way).

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  1. Congratulations on your sale. Selling things just gives you a buzz that is great and also inspires you to make more! I love it :-)

    Hope that your classes go well. I really want to try carving my own stamps!

    Stephie x


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