Monday, 2 May 2011

Day Off

What an achievement, a whole day off! Not only have I done no work, not even failed work, but I've not been near my desk or the computer all day. It's almost bedtime now so this doesn't count.

Much relaxing has been accomplished. I've had a nice bath (orange flavoured this time), read most of my book (Alex Haley's "Roots"), spent cuddle, chat and silly time with my beloved, cooked us omelettes and had afternoon tea and cake.

I have plans to go out tomorrow too, so that'll be a great adventure. I'm off to the haberdashery wholesaler in Manchester to help Gill with shop things. I both love and hate going there. Love because it's a total treasure trove of delights, hate because I can't afford to buy stuff. Maybe I can just play with it all when nobody's looking.

Youngest child has arrived home safe and sound after a long weekend camping with her mates in Wales. She doesn't even appear hung over or tired, as she's gone straight back out for the evening. This is clearly where all my energy is going, sapped by her to be used for gallivanting. If only I could work out how she does it....

Still not quite feeling myself today, though I'm not vexing too much about it. I admit that a rest is needed occasionally and that time is round about now. I'm looking forward to feeling revitalised though. Early night just about to be installed, with a bit more reading and hopefully a sound sleep.

Today's pics are some latex props I made a while ago. Not quite so attractive, but then they weren't meant to be, as I'm sure you can tell.

Torso, airbrushed and dressed (for modesty), with noose made from watching a YouTube tutorial.

Horror Clown Mask, sculpted from clay and cast in latex before airbrushing, looked great with a curly wig. Accessories make the outfit you know.

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