Monday, 16 May 2011

Work Update

Losing energy fast here. I've been at my desk for over 12 hours now, with just a short break to heat up some chilli for dinner and eat it. Pretty soon I'm going to take myself to bed with a book and show the world how relaxing's really done.

I've had wins and fails. A couple of the big paintings I did aren't up to scratch, a few of the ACEOs aren't to my taste, but the rest are OK. I may be able to salvage the bad ones with a bit more work, but certainly not today!

Here we go then, ACEOs first, then two full size watercolours.




  1. Hello, I'm Cat (TheHappyWhale on Folksy), I found you on the Have You Blogged Today thread. I love your watercolours!

  2. Hi Cat :-)
    I was only looking at your shop this morning! Those sunburst ornaments of yours really reminded me of some of my paintings and I was going to email you to comment on them :-) Looks like you beat me to it.....



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