Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tuesday's Child is full of Squee

Despite still suffering from terrible tiredness today I have good news to share.

As well as the six sales on Folksy (here) this week I've managed to sell one of my leather books! I got an email notification while I was in Asda, of all places, to say that Cherry Picked For You have featured me on their site and blog (here) as artist of the week, and that I've had my first sale on there. How brilliant! There aren't many smiles going on in Asda at 5pm on a Tuesday, but I changed all that. I have the joy and the squee and all kinds of other jubilant things. I have treated myself to a chocolate mousse in celebration.

Not much going on workwise to report today. I've been painting backgrounds ready for my next set of watercolours, but mostly I'm readying myself for the craft class tomorrow. The organising of everything I need to take is a killer! That's aside from the cakes that need baking and decorating and the various drink makings that I take along with me. They get treated like royalty, but they deserve it. I'm looking forward to a lovely few hours with my arty crafty ladies.

We're settling down to watch Game of Thrones now and then an early night. Many plans afoot for work for the rest of the week, including a special birthday present to be made. See you lovelies here tomorrow!

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