Wednesday, 25 May 2011


That thing where you work your socks off for days and then you get one where you can't really put your mind to anything? Yes, that. Today. I reckon my brain just goes, "Nope, done enough for now, stop it and do some cleaning up, you scruffy-housed bint."

I've been at my desk since silly o'clock as usual, but nothing's happening. Well, nothing of much note at least.

The one little spark of anything like creativity was earlier when I was packing up yesterday's sales. I always wrap them in tissue paper and put a bow or something on, then make an envelope the right size from card. I had the tiniest brainwave to have a quick go at carving a cork into a stamp to add a little pazazz. Amazingly, unlike my experiments with rubber carving, this went splendidly and worked first time. Very simple of course, but the texture of the cork gives a really nice surface. I knew that buying corks would be a good idea along the line. Funny that it should happen today.

Anyway, here's the little parcel that was about to be put in its envelope (a gold one no less). Sorry for the dark photo, it's a bit grim in here 'til midday.

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