Friday, 13 May 2011

Are We Fixed Now?

Cor, it looks like we had a massive to-do in blogland yesterday; stuff vanishing, coming back, going again. There have been wails and gnashing of teeth, but it looks as though things are sorted now. And I'm just in time to write a quickie now before midnight, thus keeping me on my daily blog train without issue.

I've had a bit of a fail day, but I forgive myself since I've worked so hard this week. I did get motoring a bit with the painting this afternoon, but it was a far cry from the plans I had for myself. I have an old dictionary that I use sometimes for backing paper, origami and such. I found that it still had the page with "poppy" on it, so I made this:

It was a fun thing to do, so now I'm considering tearing pages randomly and drawing something appropriate to the words on it. It would certainly be a challenge! Duly added to my list of things to do (thousands of them).

I decided to do some Pay it Forwards this evening for a few reasons. Firstly, the sales and exposure can't hurt, secondly I think it's lovely for people to be able to have a little bit of original art and thirdly, so many have told me they'd like an ACEO but are having to save up for them (and goodness knows I'm in that same skint boat) that I wanted to make some of my stuff available cheaply. I've sold three more this evening. There are loads more to list, so it's not going to be detrimental to my shop.

I had a lovely day out with some of the crafty ladies yesterday in Liverpool. We went for lunch and then round the shops, ending with a cup of tea just before 5pm. It blew the cobwebs away and gave me a bit of unusual social time, which was ever so nice. They're threatening to drag me away from my desk again  soon, which I very much look forward to.

No other riveting news I'm afraid, but I did say this was going to be a quickie.

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