Thursday, 19 May 2011

Zumba for fat people?

Just got back form a lovely trip to town with youngest daughter. While we were out we discussed Zumba (should it be capitalised? I have no idea). The other day I mentioned that I might consider a Zumba class and I haven't heard the end of it since. Daughter is keen to enrol in a class, "sigh", now I've done it haven't I?

Now I don't get a lot of exercise, and it's plainly obvious to look at me.  I have neither the time or inclination to throw myself around, sweating and heaving, and the world is likely most grateful for this. I have however, heard people say that Zumba is a lot of fun and how they lost 30 stone doing it, or whatever. Since exercise is more torture than anything else I thought I might look into it. Fun and fitness? This is worth consideration, surely?

I may have pondered here before on how I'm lacking in the co-ordination department, so before ringing that number on the card in the post office I thought I'd better look into what exactly Zumba is. After a silly bus journey full of speculation by youngest daughter on just what it may entail, we got home and YouTubed it.

Holy jumping jehosephat.

Ten seconds of watching them grinding and bouncing was enough for me to cry nay. I can't do that! So I tried searching for a video of "Zumba for fat people" and it was even worse. Now I know what I'd look like doing it.

Looks like I am to remain lumpen and ugly for the rest of my days, unless anyone has any experiences that might help me reconsider?

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  1. I was scared of going to a gym, never been in my life, but a friend persuaded me to go to a very tiny one at her daughter's school. We've been quite a few times now and it isn't as scary as I thought! Though I wasn't brave enough to go by myself when my friend was ill...and I couldn't possibly go to a huge one full of lycra-clad tanned skinny people.... Hmmm, if you know of a small friendly gym and have a willing companion it's not so bad, especially if you can go on the treadmills next to each other it's just a time for a brisk walk and chat!


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